Look stunning in this navy pleated dress with white kona (akin to linen) ruffles peaking out!  The dress is embroidered with beautiful gold celtic knots trimming the borders that are done in a traditional style with an edgy modern twist! Rhinestones have been added to make your dress sparkle throughout! Gold trinity buttons for that official look AND to expand up to four sizes for growth!! (You're welcome!) A corseted back has been added to give a clean fitted athletic look. Add some boss embroidered and bling cuffs over a navy long sleeve crop top for a tailored look with incredible flexibility!! We will be offering a sleeveless top for the warmer months too!! Complete with an eye catching swept shimmering gold cape!!


Duffy Dress Ensemble:

Navy pleated, embroidered & blinged expandable dress

White kona triple ruffle under skirt

(Can be let out to add length as you grow!)

Navy long sleeve crop top

(Full leotard is an option if preferred)

Navy embroidered & blinged cuffs with trinity buttons

Gold swept cape 


*Accessorize with bow & headband, a cape penannular or slide, poodle socks or celtic knot leg warmers to tie it all together!


*Dance shorts are required with this costume.


*If a dancer feels more confident dancing with a full zip & bottom snap leotard, they are absolutely welcome to do so. Please text Ms. Alycia directly 413.4Duffy.1.


Duffy Dress

    Ph: 413.4Duffy.1