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Registration & Tuition Information

Hello and welcome.

Irish dancers benefit from the consecutive strengthening and technique provided to them to prepare them for the dances they will receive.  Dance steps and choreography are given in sequential order.


Students are encouraged to take multiple classes a week.  Dancers really see their strength and stamina rapidly improve with more class time. 


Students are welcome to join throughout the school year.  A student joining mid-semester may find it beneficial to spend additional time with the instructor to become familiar with the material before entering class. 

Students typically attend a class level for 2-3 years to master the material and techniques before advancing.  

Students who train hard may be eligible for The Duffy Team.  Like any sport, team members rely upon their other teammates to support them.  Proper attendance will enable your team to excel to it's highest potential. 


Fall Semester is September through January.

Spring Semester is February through June.


A performance will be done at the conclusion of each semester.  However, a large amount of our community performances will be done around March. What we like to call "St. Patrick's Season".  Students will find it most beneficial to begin in the Fall Semester if they wish to participate.  It will give them ample time to prepare for this season.  Students unable to join until February will absolutely be included in any events scheduled.  The more training a student has the more material they will be able to perform with.


Semester payments should be made in full prior to or at the student's first class.

*Please note: A student will be considered active until the academy is notified otherwise in writing. Tuition will be charged accordingly. 


Per Semester.

Semester Tuition (5 Months)

Due upon registration.

Early Registration (Fall till 9/1 - Spring till 2/1):

New Students:  $30.00
Returning Students:  $25.00


Registration (Fall 9/1 & after - Spring 2/1 & after):

New Students:  $35.00

Returning Students:  $30.00

30-Minute Class Rate:  $200.00
45-Minute Class Rate:  $250.00
60-Minute Class Rate:  $300.00​

90-Minute Class Rate:  $350.00​

Private/Intensive Lessons

Lessons by appontment only.

1 Student:  $50.00
2 Students:  $60.00
3 Students:  $70.00
4 Students:  $80.00

*4 is the maximum number of students allowed for a private/intensive lessons. This is intended for students dancing in a group together.  


Available for Family, Multiple Classes & Referrals.


Discounts apply to immediate family members who are registered in one single registration.

2nd Student:  $25 Semester OFF

3rd Student:  $50 Semester OFF

4th Student:  $75 Semester OFF


Multiple Class:

Discounts apply to a single student enrolled in multiple classes for the semester.

2nd Class:  $40 Semester OFF

3rd Class:  $50 Semester OFF



$30 discount per friend referred!

To be eligible, your referral must indicate that you referred them on your registration.  Referral discounts apply for new referrals only.  To recommend someone for a referral, please use our form to send them a personalized e-mail from the Duffy Academy!

Ph: 413.4Duffy.1
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